Soul Fragment

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Hallo and first off all thank you for the work on maxdps, i love your addon.

I tried to get the right spell count for Soul Fragments:

I used your code snipeds from the api faq
  1. local _Souls = 203981;
  2. local hasAura, stackCount, timeLeft = MaxDps:Aura(_Souls, timeShift, filter)
  3. or
  4. local hasAura2, stackCount2 = MaxDps:UnitAura(_Souls, timeShift, 'player')
Both don't detect Soul Fragments.
I tried different ids and doubel check the ids with weakaura. Other auras work well only Soul Fragments make problems :(

I hope you can help me out.
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If everything fails you can use default WoW api:

You are not bound to MaxDps functions, might as well use blizzard ones.

And I am pretty sure your ID is wrong because BUFF is not a SPELL. So their ID is different for sure.
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