Minor Bug: Flying with demon summoned bugs the addon

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Installed VERSIONS of addons.
v8.1.2 (Twitch addon pr 17.04.2019)

Full error log inside CODE bbcode (if there is a bug)
See image

Clear info what is going on
Step by step to recreate:
1) Load both maxdps and maxdps warlock (does not work if maxdps warlock is not loaded)
2) have any demon summoned (ive tested with felguard, imp and vw so far)
3) fly from any point. I dont know if this also happens with flying mount, only have regular flying so far.

It seems like the addon is trying to suggest something in a rotation that is not valid because the demon is despawned due to flying, but not pr se desummoned (since it reappears when you land after flying).

TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB: disabled
TradeSkillMaster_Auctioning: disabled
Details_3DModelsPaths: disabled
Details: disabled
Details_EncounterDetails: disabled
Details_RaidCheck: disabled
Details_DataStorage: disabled
Details_Streamer: disabled
Details_TinyThreat: disabled
Details_Vanguard: disabled
Bagnon: disabled
Bagnon_Config: disabled
Bagnon_GuildBank: disabled
Bagnon_VoidStorage: disabled
BagBrother: disabled
BigWigs_Core: disabled
BigWigs_Options: disabled
BigWigs_Plugins: disabled
MaxDps_DeathKnight: disabled
MaxDps_DemonHunter: disabled
MaxDps_Druid: disabled
MaxDps_Hunter: disabled
MaxDps_Mage: disabled
MaxDps_Monk: disabled
MaxDps_Priest: disabled
MaxDps_Paladin: disabled
MaxDps_Rogue: disabled
MaxDps_Shaman: disabled
MaxDps_Warrior: disabled
Prat-3.0: disabled
Prat-3.0_Libraries: disabled
Auc-Advanced: disabled
Auc-Filter-Basic: disabled
Auc-ScanData: disabled
Auc-Stat-Histogram: disabled
Auc-Stat-iLevel: disabled
Auc-Stat-Purchased: disabled
Auc-Stat-Simple: disabled
Auc-Stat-StdDev: disabled
Auc-Util-FixAH: disabled
kSellGreyNRepair: disabled
AzeritePowerWeights: disabled
BeanCounter: disabled
BigWigs: disabled
BigWigs_Azeroth: disabled
BigWigs_BattleOfDazaralor: disabled
BigWigs_BurningCrusade: disabled
BigWigs_Cataclysm: disabled
BigWigs_Classic: disabled
BigWigs_CrucibleOfStorms: disabled
BigWigs_Legion: disabled
BigWigs_MistsOfPandaria: disabled
BigWigs_Uldir: disabled
BigWigs_WarlordsOfDraenor: disabled
BigWigs_CommonAuras: disabled
BigWigs_Countdown_HeroesOfTheStorm: disabled
Dominos: disabled
Dominos_Cast: disabled
Dominos_Config: disabled
Dominos_Encounter: disabled
Dominos_Progress: disabled
Dominos_Roll: disabled
Enchantrix: disabled
ExRT: disabled
HandyNotes: disabled
Informant: disabled
LittleWigs: disabled
MaxDps: enabled
MaxDps_Warlock: enabled
MikScrollingBattleText: disabled
MSBTOptions: disabled
Pawn: disabled
RaiderIO: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_US_A: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_US_H: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_EU_A: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_EU_H: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_KR_A: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_KR_H: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_TW_A: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_TW_H: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_US_A_R: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_US_H_R: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_EU_A_R: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_EU_H_R: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_KR_A_R: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_KR_H_R: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_TW_A_R: disabled
RaiderIO_DB_TW_H_R: disabled
Simulationcraft: disabled
SlideBar: disabled
Stubby: disabled
!Swatter: disabled
WeakAuras: disabled
WeakAurasModelPaths: disabled
WeakAurasOptions: disabled
WeakAurasTemplates: disabled
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