Questions about addon itself.
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Here is the topic for suggestions.
If you have interesting idea let me know in this thread. But keep in mind some things will never be implemented:

  • Things that will slow down WoW considerably like animated textures around button, animations in general
  • Dual/tripple rotations - that is what custom rotations are for. I might add more conditions to it like loading only in dungeon etc.
  • Highlighting raid frames for healers - in the end this addon is for dps mostly
  • Defensive cooldowns - this is my policy, I do not want to force or even suggest defensive cooldowns, its often not even up to you when to use them (usually on raid, healers decides when people should use them). Also just because you are low on HP doesn't mean you should pop your defensive CDs.

I will expand this list as I will see it fit.

So if you idea is not on the list above, feel free to post it here.
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