shits not working

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I am happy to have finally found your beta version, and the class modules you have in beta.So far I have used Fury Warrior, Ret Paladin and Destro Warlock. I have not seen any .LUA errors, but the only issue I have seen is the subject title coming up as the moduled is loading. I have noticed this happening on my warrior and my paladin, will continue to watch if it happens on the other classes. I would have posted this in a more generic forum but I didn't see anywhere else I could post a new topic. I have 3 screen shots showing the load messages in the chat window, my addon box with addons other than maxdps and current module disabled, and my twitch screen which would show the installed versions of above, if you wish to see them. I do have access to beta, with a 120 horde elemental shaman, 120 BM hunter, 120 fury warrior and 120 ret paladin if there is anything i can do this late in the game. p.s. what is character name and server so i can give you a pet? :)
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The fact you see: "shits not working" actually means it is working. Will be removed in release
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