Spell Execute Not Found

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Execute spell (Arms warrior) is not found (on actionbar) because it has the Condemn buff. https://www.wowhead.com/spell=231827/execute

Can you pls fix this?
Thank You

PS Love the addon <3
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I am a fury warrior and have the same problem Execute has been replaced with Condemn and I certainly am not able to change any code. I also love the addon but seeing Execute not found on action bar is annoying.

thanks for any help
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Hello. I have the same problem.
Spell Execute replaced by Condemn spell from Venthyr Covenant.
Can it be fixed please.
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The same thing happens with DK's Death's due. Just thought I would let the people looking at fixing things know there are more than one abilities that get changed.
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I'm having the same issue as a venthyr arms warrior. To help with dev, it's looking for condemn (330334). But I think with the venthyr upgrade it should be looking for 317349.

Love the addon! But the sooner I could get this fixed the better it would be for my battle logs lol
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I have the same issue on my fury warrior. Also happens with any spell that gets replaced on the spell bar during a buff.
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Same for me as Fury, 'Cannot find Condemn on bars' although it's definitely there.
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Maxdps Warrior has execute in it, but Maxdps Warrior Improved doesn't. If you delete both then install Maxdps Warrior copy execute from addons, then install Maxdps Warrior Improved paste execute in the addon.
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