Spell Execute Not Found

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Execute spell (Arms warrior) is not found (on actionbar) because it has the Condemn buff. https://www.wowhead.com/spell=231827/execute

Can you pls fix this?
Thank You

PS Love the addon <3
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I am a fury warrior and have the same problem Execute has been replaced with Condemn and I certainly am not able to change any code. I also love the addon but seeing Execute not found on action bar is annoying.

thanks for any help
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Hello. I have the same problem.
Spell Execute replaced by Condemn spell from Venthyr Covenant.
Can it be fixed please.
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The same thing happens with DK's Death's due. Just thought I would let the people looking at fixing things know there are more than one abilities that get changed.
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I'm having the same issue as a venthyr arms warrior. To help with dev, it's looking for condemn (330334). But I think with the venthyr upgrade it should be looking for 317349.

Love the addon! But the sooner I could get this fixed the better it would be for my battle logs lol
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I have the same issue on my fury warrior. Also happens with any spell that gets replaced on the spell bar during a buff.
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Same for me as Fury, 'Cannot find Condemn on bars' although it's definitely there.
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