Informations how overlay api works, how to use it externally.
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I've gone through some of the Action Buttons with the /fstack command
I am assuming you only need the names of the Action Buttons, screenshots are too large to attach in here.

Here is a screenshot of the UI

For reference, here are the actionbar names with button1:
Top Action Bar = EngineBar3Button1
Middle Action Bar = EngineBar2Button1
Bottom Action Bar = EngineBar1Button1

Left Action Bar = EngineBar5Button1
Right Action Bar = EngineBar4Button1

-- doubt this is needed, but:
Pet Action Bar = EnginePetBarButton1

In case you need the information:
Both Left and Right action bar stacks vertically, So the bottom Left button on each is Button1, going up to Button3, next row 4-6 7-9 10-12

If you need other information from the fstack, i've created a compressed .zip file containing screenshots of 2 of the buttons on each action bar:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/r4jzrjfr37wk3 ... k.zip?dl=1

I could not find any LibActionButton-1.0, only a folder named actionbars and
lua files named: actionbutton.lua, actionbar.lua and actionbars.lua

I'm here to help implement this, let me know if there is anything more i can do!

I attempted a quick and easy implementation within your buttons.lua
Code: Select all

if IsAddOnLoaded('DiabolicUI') then

Code: Select all
function MaxDps:FetchDiabolic()
	local diabolicBars = {'EngineBar1', 'EngineBar2', 'EngineBar3', 'EngineBar4', 'EngineBar5'};
	for _, bar in pairs(diabolicBars) do
		for i = 1, 12 do
			local button = _G[bar .. 'Button' .. i];
			if button then
This didn't work, i might have gotten something wrong or missed a step.
I'm adding this here in-case it helps at all.
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In fact, your implementation seems to be correct. But there was a bug in DiabolicUI how they handle action slots. Had to make workaround.

I just pushed support for Diabolic UI.
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Hi there, author of DiabolicUI here! I appear to be a bit late to the party here, just noticed somebody had tried to contact me a month ago on wowi TODAY actually! Pretty much all my communication with users these days is done on my Discords, so I guess for those not them trying to reach me must feel like screaming into a black hole. Sorry! :|

Anyway, good to see you folks have found workarounds to make it work! Should be noted I have a completely new version of DiabolicUI coming, with a LOT of code changes. But I'll make sure to drop by these forums and let everybody know about the changes, and I'll be looking into the maxDPS code too to make sure my bars will be compatible (or easy to make them so).
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TBH DiablicUI was different from every other action buttons i knew. Every spell was somehow reported as spellId = 0. I had to rework the way im detecting spell IDs from buttons. Other action bar buttons report it as nil (0 is truthy in lua)

It automatically worked for Azerite UI.
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