Questions about addon itself.
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Hello I just wanted to say I have been using this addon a bit recently and noticed it wasn't working/updated for some classes. I also wanted to note I have begun work on updating all the classes(mostly from IcyVeins I am no expert) and I have them up on my github If @Kaminaris wanted to look at the changes and merge them definitely feel free to. As i said I am no expert and just going off IcyVeins but in the case of rogue where two specs are completely empty I assume the work ive done there should be at least partially helpful. I have all classes @110 and play all except rouge in M+ 10-20(rogue up to M+10) Depending on the toons ilvl obviously. Again not a expert. In the work ive done it would be easiest for me if I knew what classes people where having issues with or if you know its wrong and know the rotation but dont know how to code it I would be 100% willing to help. I started working on the IcyVeins list of classes/specs in the classes menu on their site bottom to top(idk why) and im at Shadow Priest atm.(have done work on warrior warlock shaman and rogue) Again though since IcyVeins might not be 100% right the changes might not be good. Since there is a lot of classes/specs from here on out i think im only going to do classes that I find are broken or i know are wrong.(please help :D )
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That is a really nice job. Of course we can make something better, there is only a little problem, my time. Im stuck in my work in big project and have very little time recently. I can check max 1-2 classes per week. And rogues is the problem because i have no clue if it would be good or not.
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