Add on update for Bfa/pre-patch

Questions about addon itself.
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Your Execute don't check if it's off cooldown, the rest looks perfect to me
Fixed, added massacre talent and cleaned up code.

I would start with arms as well.
How do you name spells with the same name but different IDs for different specs?

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I just use sth like
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Monk, druid hunter working perfectly . thank you!
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Had issue with constant Lua errors with WW Monk addon, but cleared Cache and WTF folders, and now it works like a charm.

Thanks for the hard work!
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i appreciated this addon so much it gets me out of sticky situations quite often, id love the DemonHunter addon updated as again like other blizzard have screwed us and my whole rotation has gone to hell. ive tried other that suggest a rotation but nothing comes close to this addon its AMAZING

thanks for all your hard work and look forward to the addon once completed again
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Thanks for the work! I am going to start trying some out. I need to lvl few toons that you have beta rotations out I guess now!
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Interested in providing any assistance you need for Demon Hunters, very rudimentary understanding of coding. But would be able to assist with spell listing if needed, testing in game (either spec, I main a DH on Lightbringer name Gamebred). Anything I can do help get this wonderful add-on back up and running.
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Well, just check this thread/forum I will notify when i will start working on DH.

Warrior beta pushed.
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Paladin working, retro only, just attacks, no holy power spenders and wrath/ shields those are dependent on the situation, tried to edit adjust more than this, but my lack of real skills just breaks it
--- @type MaxDps
if not MaxDps then
return ;

local Paladin = MaxDps:NewModule('Paladin');

-- Spells
local _TemplarsVerdict = 85256;
local _Judgment = 20271;
local _CrusaderStrike = 35395;
local _BladeofJustice = 184575;
local _AshestoAshes = 179546;
local _WakeofAshes = 205273;
local _Crusade = 224668;
local _AvengingWrath = 31884;
local _DivineStorm = 53385;
local _Heroism = 32182;
local _Bloodlust = 2825;
local _TimeWarp = 80353;
local _ShieldofVengeance = 184662;
local _MasteryDivineJudgment = 76672;
local _JusticarsVengeance = 215661;
local _DivinePurpose = 223817;
local _GreaterBlessingofMight = 203528;
local _HolyWrath = 210220;
local _Zeal = 217020;
local _BlindingLight = 115750;
local _FinalVerdict = 198038;
local _ExecutionSentence = 213757;
local _EyeforanEye = 205191;
local _Consecration = 26573;
local _DivineHammer = 198034;

function Paladin:Enable()
MaxDps:Print(MaxDps.Colors.Info .. 'Paladin [Holy, Protection, Retribution]');

if MaxDps.Spec == 1 then
MaxDps.NextSpell = Paladin.Holy;
elseif MaxDps.Spec == 2 then
MaxDps.NextSpell = Paladin.Protection;
elseif MaxDps.Spec == 3 then
MaxDps.NextSpell = Paladin.Retribution;
end ;

return true;

function Paladin.Holy(_, timeShift, currentSpell, gcd, talents)
return nil;

function Paladin.Protection(_, timeShift, currentSpell, gcd, talents)
return nil;

function Paladin.Retribution(_, timeShift, currentSpell, gcd, talents)

local crusStrike = _CrusaderStrike;
if talents[_Zeal] then
crusStrike = _Zeal;

local bladeOfJustice = _BladeofJustice;
if talents[_DivineHammer] then
bladeOfJustice = _DivineHammer;

local holyPower = UnitPower('player', SPELL_POWER_HOLY_POWER);
local jAura, jAuraCD = MaxDps:TargetAura(_Judgment, timeShift + 0.5);
local dp = MaxDps:Aura(_DivinePurpose, timeShift);
local j, jCD = MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_Judgment, timeShift);
local _, crusadeCD = MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_Crusade, timeShift);
local crus, crusCD = MaxDps:SpellAvailable(crusStrike, timeShift);
local boj, bojCD = MaxDps:SpellAvailable(bladeOfJustice, timeShift);

MaxDps:GlowCooldown(_AvengingWrath, MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_AvengingWrath, timeShift));

if talents[_BlindingLight] then
MaxDps:GlowCooldown(_BlindingLight, MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_BlindingLight, timeShift));

if talents[_EyeforanEye] then
MaxDps:GlowCooldown(_EyeforanEye, MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_EyeforanEye, timeShift));

if talents[_Crusade] then
MaxDps:GlowCooldown(_Crusade, MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_Crusade, timeShift));

if talents[_ExecutionSentence]
and MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_ExecutionSentence, timeShift)
and holyPower >= 3
and (
(jCD < gcd * 4.5) or (jAuraCD > gcd * 4.67)
) and (
not talents[_Crusade] or (crusadeCD > gcd * 2)
return _ExecutionSentence;

if jAura and (holyPower > 2 or dp) then
return _TemplarsVerdict;

if MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_WakeofAshes, timeShift) and holyPower <= 1 then
return _WakeofAshes;

if crus and holyPower < 5 then
return crusStrike;

if boj and holyPower <= 3 then
return bladeOfJustice;

if j and holyPower >= 3 then
return _Judgment;

if talents[_Consecration] and MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_Consecration, timeShift) then
return _Consecration;

if holyPower >= 3 and jCD < bojCD and jCD < crusCD then
return _Judgment;

if bojCD < crusCD then
return bladeOfJustice;
return crusStrike;

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Is there a spot where you can consolidate the list of currently in beta class /specs to make it easy to see where the testing development is for all the people coming in to reduce questions on which specs and what not. Figured my be helpful for you. maybe like a separate post or something stickied.
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