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Crash when Add rotation

Posted: 22 Apr 2019, 21:34
by Stouf
Hi all,

I installed MaxDps Rotation Helper and MaxDps Warlock via Twitch.


Addon are enable.


In game I write /maxdps, and when I click on "Add rotation", World of Warcraft crash :(.

I tried desintall/reinstall addon, enable/disable, nothing...

I don't have other addon installed, I reinstalled WoW recently, he's clean.

Anyone can help me please ?

Best regards, Stouf.

Re: Crash when Add rotation

Posted: 27 Apr 2019, 12:41
by Kaminaris
I am aware of this bug, although I cannot reproduce it. I will be rewriting this whole window when i get some free time.
So far feel free to modify locally rotation inside maxdps module (warlock) in this case to suit your needs.