How to stop loading custom rotation

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I previously made a custom rotation for outlaw rogue (bacause the rogue one was outdated)

Now that the Rogue DPS is up to date, i just uncheck the "enabled" box ans deleted my rotation

But when i start fighting I alway get "load custom rotation" (see screenshot)


How can I fix it ?

Sorry for my english, i'm a french baguette :)
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Custom rotations loaded doesn't really say if any custom rotation was used. This is just information that addon TRIED to load them.

IF there would be any custom you would see message:
MaxDps: Loaded Custom Rotation: YOUR CUSTOM ROTATION NAME
if not you will have info:
MaxDps: Rogue [Outlaw]
From your screen you are in Assasination not Outlaw
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There is no other spec actually ? Only outlaw ? Cause I'm in Assa atm and it tell me that it load Outlaw

What fooled me is that i called my old custom "Outlaw" just what the addon tell me when it load :D
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