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I'm relatively new to addons and so, but I really love your addon, so I'd really like to use it if I could.

I'm currently using the Diabolic UI for WoW, turning the entire interface of WoW into Diablo, its an amazing skin that transforms the look of the UI in the game completely.
Unfortunately this does not work with your addon, there are nothing showing up when in combat while this UI is enabled.

Is this something that is fixable? I'm not familiar with how addon coding works for Wow yet, but given the right guidance I'd probably attempt to modify this to work with the Diabolic UI. Or if the fix is 'relatively' easy to do, perhaps you could update your addon so it would work with this UI skin.

I completely understand why making your addon work specifically for every single different UI skin would not be a feasable option from a development standpoint. I havent tested your addon with any other skin, so i don't know if it works for other skins.

But yea, i'd really like to know how this could get fixed and if it would be an option to do so!

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Why people make new threads when answers are usually handled on a silver plate?

I can do it IF:
1. Addon is not retarded (Action Bar in your case Diablo UI)
2. You will be able to sit down with me and test things.
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