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If you wish to have another ActionBar addon support (addon that replaces blizzard buttons with their own buttons like bartender or whole ui packs like ElvUI) you will need to follow these steps:

First and foremost: DO NOT USE COMMENTS or private mesages, write a topic on this forum:

  • Play the game, log in on any character.
  • Type /fstack or /framestack in chat
  • Hover over button
  • Make screenshot
  • Post it.
Repeat this few times for each of the bars you have. Reason for this is that usually Action bars are named simple like:
Where X is the Action bar number and Y is the button number. Sometimes however it is not the case.

It should look like this:


I won't be installing your action bars addons because they may screw up my UI so be prepared to help with development.

Next thing to check if your addon depends on LibActionButton-1.0. To find out, open addon folder and look inside for folder named LibActionButton-1.0:

If it does have it, then you are lucky and development will be simple. If it doesn't you will need to help me a bit more.

Once I done initial test version, I will send it to you. You will need to replace existing MaxDps.

If it doesn't work, post full error message you get.

If it does work then let me know and I will prepare version that will be pushed to curse. I will notify you when it will be done. After curse update it, you will need to remove manually version I have sent you, and you will need to install it again from curse or curse client.
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