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How to install MaxDps

Posted: 25 Jun 2017, 23:00
by Kaminaris
MaxDps can be found [here]

The easiest way to install MaxDps is to use Curse/Twitch Client.

If you wish to install it manually, make sure you know how to do this. A lot of people try to install it manually and fails (mostly because they are putting modules inside MaxDps folder).

MaxDps Modules can be found here: Again, easiest way is to install them using curse client. If you want to install them manually then DO NOT put them inside MaxDps addon folder. They are STANDALONE addons that are loaded on demand.

Re: How to install MaxDps

Posted: 14 Sep 2019, 13:11
by Airwolff
Ich bekomme es nicht zum Laufen
habe das Addon ├╝ber Twich installiert und auch die anderen Module
aber wenn ich im spiel bin sagt er mir zwar im Chat das es geladen wird aber es zeigt mir nix an

Im Chat sthet
MaxDps Auto enable on combat
MaxDps Initializing rotations
MaxDps Custom Rotations Loaded
MaxDps Loaded Custom Rotations: New Rotation

ich benutze als interface ElvUI

kann mir einer helfen...
ps bei classic ist es das selbe

Re: How to install MaxDps

Posted: 21 Sep 2019, 05:04
by Kaminaris
You have added custom rotation, don't do that.
MaxDps Loaded Custom Rotations: New Rotation

Either remove it manually or reset addon settings (saved variables) from curse client