How MaxDps Addon works

Information about addon, how it works, how to install, etc.
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MaxDps Rotation Helper does nothing by itself. It is just a framework, a set of tools that allows to circle action bar buttons. It is not required to install any modules to it. It can be used as WeakAura's helper or as external library if you wish to write custom addon.

However If you want to have rotations working, you need to either:
1. Install Class module/s (from curse)
2. Write rotation yourself in Custom Rotation Window

Here is a quick video how addon works:

Supported Action Bars:
  • ElvUI
  • Bartender4
  • Blizzard UI
  • Dominos
  • Button Forge (update 1.9)
  • SuperVillain UI (update 1.11)
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