I want to help but I am not a developer

Information about addon, how it works, how to install, etc.
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There are numerous ways you can help while not being a developer:

I am looking now for a decent video editor to make some promo videos.
If you help me with promo videos you will get one spec as priority.

1. List spells with their IDs like that:
local _SpellName = 12322;
local _AnotherSpell = 3452;
its a tedious work but still needs to be done. Important auras are also needed (buffs you need to watch or dots on target).

2. Help me test rotations, as simple as it sounds. I send you a preview, you test it and let me know what is wrong while checking with icy veins.

3. Follow my twitch channel:
As simple as that. I do learning courses sometimes (For example weak auras) in both English and Polish language.
I will be streaming M+ and Mythics when BfA will go out.

4. Tip me in game, even a 50g is enough. This gesture will simply show that you care. (I am actually pretty wealthy :P ). Or give me some battle pet I don't have yet (cheapest ones).

5. Make a M+ boost for my alt If you have a good crew and you are bored.

I don't really need any of these. But any gesture showing that you care is always nice.
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