Monk DPS Rotation Not Triggering Rising Sun Kick

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Not sure if this is a bug or just needs an update, but the monk dps rotation doesn't appear to be suggesting Rising Sun Kick at all. I know spamming blackout kick was better prior to the nerf of it's damage, but I think Rising Sun Kick should be triggering now. Can this be checked? Thanks!

Edit: Rising Sun Kick works sometimes when choosing Whirling Dragon Punch (since this move requires both FoF and RSK to be on cd to be utilized). It doesn't appear to always trigger correctly but when Whirling Dragon Punch is almost ready then it will force RSK to be suggested. The larger issue is if you are running Serenity, RSK is never suggested in the rotation.
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I noticed this too, and as my build relies on not repeating abilities (ie I'm using the hit combo talent), it makes it difficult to sustain my damage. I could change my build, I suppose... but if this is a bug I thought I should mention it.

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The rotation does not track hit combo. Rising Sun Kick will only be wanted to used if Whirling Dragon Punch is 2 sec or less from going off cooldown. Right now using any of the other two talents in the same level tier is better(depending on AoE and Singletarget).
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