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Just downloaded the add-on, and love it. But for a Demonology Warlock, it wants me to use the FelGuard as a demon. I prefer to use another demon, but it keeps telling me that the FelStorm command is missing. How do I change the configuration to pull the Meteor Strike command for the Infernal?

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I suggest reading this first:

Also unfortunately but demonology warlock is not supported at the moment. Maybe you could try to make it work?
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Ive done this fix for demo, but i did it for myself, so maybe all talents wont work correctly, I didnt check
  1. function Warlock:TargetAuraLeft(Aura, timeShift)
  2.     local hasAura, Stacks, TimeLeft = MaxDps:TargetAura(Aura, timeShift);
  3.     return TimeLeft;
  4. end
  7. function Warlock:Demonology(timeShift, currentSpell, gcd, talents)
  9. local SoulShards = UnitPower('player', Enum.PowerType.SoulShards);
  11. if currentSpell == _CallDreadstalkers then
  12. SoulShards = SoulShards - 2;
  13. elseif currentSpell == _SummonVilefiend then
  14. SoulShards = SoulShards - 1;
  15. elseif currentSpell == _ShadowBoltDemonology then
  16. SoulShards = SoulShards + 1;
  17. elseif currentSpell == _Demonbolt then
  18. SoulShards = SoulShards + 2;
  20. end
  22. if not UnitExists('pet') then
  23. return _SummonFelguard;
  25. end
  27. --Cooldowns
  29. MaxDps:GlowCooldown(_SummonDemonicTyrant, MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_SummonDemonicTyrant, timeShift));
  30. MaxDps:GlowCooldown(_DemonicStrength, MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_DemonicStrength, timeShift));
  31. --------------------------------- The next code line doesnt work how I want----------------------------------------------------
  32. if SoulShards >= 1 then
  33. MaxDps:GlowCooldown(_SummonVilefiend, MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_SummonVilefiend, timeShift));
  34. MaxDps:GlowCooldown(_GrimoireFelguard, MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_GrimoireFelguard, timeShift));
  36. elseif talents[_NeitherPortal] and SoulShards >= 3 then
  37. MaxDps:GlowCooldown(_NetherPortal, MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_NetherPortal, timeShift));
  38. end
  41. if MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_CallDreadstalkers, timeShift) and SoulShards >= 2
  42. and currentSpell ~= _CallDreadstalkers then
  43. return _CallDreadstalkers;
  44. end
  46. if SoulShards >= 4 and currentSpell ~= _HandofGuldan then
  47. return _HandofGuldan;
  48. end
  50. local dc, dcCount = MaxDps:Aura(_DemonicCoreAura, timeShift);
  51. if dcCount >=4 then
  52. return _Demonbolt;
  53. end
  55. local ic = Warlock:ImpsCount()
  56. if talents[_PowerSiphon] and MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_PowerSiphon, timeShift) and ic > 2 then
  57. return _PowerSiphon;
  58. end
  60. if SoulShards >= 3 and currentSpell ~= _HandofGuldan then
  61. return _HandofGuldan;
  62. end
  64. return _ShadowBoltDemonology;
  65. end
You've got your rotation without having to uses ur summons'spells everytime they are up.
Cant make the glow dependant from the soulshards, cause I suck at coding.
I recommend WeakAura to know how much stacks does have your DemonicCore so you can choose if you want to use them to burst more( cause it will only use it when you have 4 stacks.)
Same for the Implosion.
No error encountered so far.
Hope it helps :D
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You can write your own custom rotation. All you gotta do is to put also a spell list at the top.

I understand why Grimoire Felguard was a cooldown but also why did you remove this?
Demonic Strength is not really a cooldown, only 60 seconds
Summon Vilefiend is also 45s.
  1.     if talents[_DemonicStrength] and MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_DemonicStrength, timeShift) then
  2.         return _DemonicStrength;
  3.     end
  5.     if talents[_SummonVilefiend] and MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_SummonVilefiend, timeShift) and SoulShards >= 1
  6.         and currentSpell ~= _SummonVilefiend then
  7.         return _SummonVilefiend;
  8.     end
Icy veins says you should cast demonbolt at 2 stacks not at 4: ... -abilities

And I aggre with it. With 4 stacks you are in danger of overcapping when 2 demons expires/dies at the same time and they both proc. So this will need to stay at 2.

Obviously you can have your own version and share it here on forum. But on official module spells shorter than 1:30 are not considered cooldowns (Grimoire Felguard will need a fix).

And Demonbolt will stay at 2 Demonic core.
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Thats just a way for me to control more the way Im dpsing.

If i see that there is some trashs, and that a boss is waiting just near them, i'd rather have them spells out of the basic rotations, so i can adjust my DPS, but i can get that it might looks weird.
When i saw his post, I just tought my config could help ppls with the same feelings.
Btw my english is not that great, so i know that the way im saying things can be misunderstood :D

Same for the DC, i use WeakAura, so im using them stacks by myself, to be able to ajust my dps a bit more, and have MaxDps just to tell me if i forgot to use it.
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Sure, thats what custom rotations are for: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=15
For normal users its faster to write custom one without needing to modify the code (no need to reload to check it). It would be also shareable

Also you got one error in your code its "_NetherPortal" not "_NeitherPortal"
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Thx !
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Demo was fixed in 8.0.2
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