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Frost Spec 7.3

Posted: 30 Dec 2017, 12:42
by nXus
Hello everyone,

did anyone manage to implement the good rotation for the 7.3.0? (I mean with Glacial Spike etc).

I have tried to add that skill to the rotation but failled, so I am turning to my frost mages fellows for some help :).

I am kind of a noob and therefore need at least the icons just in case of 'I have to move, what do I have to cast next?' moments.

Plus I am not very good at coding so ...

Any help would be welcome.



Re: Frost Spec 7.3

Posted: 03 Jan 2018, 13:24
by Kaminaris
I have tried to add that skill to the rotation but failled
I doubt you even tried. Adding a skill is brain-dead simple. No way to fail on this one.

Read this (fully):

Re: Frost Spec 7.3

Posted: 05 Jan 2018, 21:47
by nXus
This is where you're wrong, I actually did try. But as I said english is not my first language (it is actually the fourth language I learned), and I am not proficient with coding. Even if 'simple', the problem was overwhelming for me.

Thanks for the harsh answer. Feels great to see such a strong community !

Someone else IRL helped me with my problem.

The thread can be closed.

Best regards.

Re: Frost Spec 7.3

Posted: 11 Jan 2018, 05:15
by Kaminaris
Don't tell me that, It was obvious that you didn't try. If you would read my guide there is one sample that would show you rotation is being done:

  1. if CONDITIONS then
  2.     return _Spell;
  3. end
Then if you would open the only lua file inside MaxDps_Mage module you would see that there are multiple spells like this. Adding spell is just copying one of the existing IFs below or above (depending on the priority) and modifying it.

If you actually did try it you would post here your version and asked what is wrong, instead you asked something vague.

Funny enough guide I wrote is based on Frost Mage. The Glacial Spike is there ;)

If you would said something like:
I want to add glacial spike to rotation, it should be higher priority than SpellX but lower than SpellY, and conditions are:
  • Of the cooldown
  • SpellY is on the cooldown
  • Some buff is active
Then I would help it but no, you just came here looking for someone to do all the job and lied that you tried and failed.