please make an arcane module

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Your add on is the only one that helped me really improve damage but I need one for arcane. Why no arcane love? Is is too simple? Maybe, but I like the way that your add on prompts spells, like the look and feel of it.
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If it would be too simple it would have been already done.

There are 3 reasons why arcane is not built in yet:
1. I have never encountered arcane mage from the beginning of the Legion, and I do play quite a lot.
2. Rotation is problematic because it has burn phase and conserve phase
3. I am currently stuck with Hunter MM, Rogue Sub/Assa which are way more popular.

Now go to this topic

Skip points 1 and 2, go directly to step 3 and try to write me a priority list that's not retarded as the one from IcyVeins
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