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I really liked the rotation and it helped me out a ton to improve myself. It's pretty good.
There is a few things I noticed, that could be improved. I looked at the "Custom Rotations" feature, but unfortunately I find it a bit confusing. I have little to no LUA knowledge and it is not well documented either.

I've then seen, that most topics here are pretty old, so I'm not sure if you will see this or even care about it but I hope so, because I really liked this addon.

So the Frost DK. I have noticed, that during "Remorsless Winter" a lot of the suggested actions are "Frost Strike". But when you have the Talent "Gathering Storm" (Each Rune spent during Remoresless Winter increases its damage by 10%, and extends its duration by 0.5 seconds) - you really want to spend as much runes as possible. So during this time it should be focused on "Obliterate", rather then "Frost Strike" to further increase the damage.

Obliterate costs 2 runes, so chances are you'd be left with 1 Rune at the end if you don't have enough Haste. In this case you could suggest "Death and Decay", the AOE ability which costs 1 rune and if none of that is available check if Rime has procced and then use "Howling Blast". So it is possible to spend at least 5 Runes during these 8 seconds, which would increase the damage by 50% for "Remorsless Winter". +30% from the Legendary, +33% from the conduit. That's more then double the damage that it currently does with those suggestions.

Regardless of that "Obliterate" should be focused over "Frost Strike", if you have the Talent "Inexorable Assault" (Obliterate consumes a Stack to deal an additional X frost damage) - making this ability stronger then "Frost Strike".

And with the increased Runic Power from Obliterate you also have enough runic power spare to explode the minion "Sacrifical Pact" for a very high amount of damage, 5 seconds before it runs out.

I hope, that all of this makes sense - I am pretty bad at explaining stuff and I hope, that this is something that you could work on. Again I like this addon and it has helped me out a ton.
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