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Returning to WoW after a long time, I was looking for a rotation helper. It seems MaxDps is the addon nowadays.

I also noticed the DK module not updated. I did not change the rotations, however i modified the init code so it loads
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Well unless they did not change DK at all, it won't be helpful (but who knows, maybe blizz didnt change DK at all).
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Might be, but when people get a working addon that is not 100% correct, they can start giving suggestions and improve it. My experience is that it is easier to expand something than to start it. (even if a 'start' means a small modification that has nothing to do with the rotation...)

I'm just returning to the game and looking at the many characters I left like 5 years ago, MaxDps helped me to just get a basic feel for the rotations for most of them. Even a out-of-date rotation helps me to organize my spells.
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The notable changes for a Blood-DK may be neglectible - rotation wise. At least as far as I checked it in my recent leveling process - just reached 117.

The loss of the power of the legendaries at reaching level 116 may change some priorities. i. e. the loss of the shoulders (Hemostasis). To compensate for that, there is a new talent in the talent tree at level 57.

I'm not a coder. so I couldn't tell you, if there was a timer triggering the renewal of bone shield stacks right before it runs out of time. But regarding bone shield there may be traits in the head, shoulder or breastpieces -called Bones of the Damned- which should trigger a Marrowrend at a given number (6) of charges. Before the release of BfA there was a synergy revolving around 5 stacks of bone shield. Regardless of the triggering right before expiring - e. g. last few seconds.

I could not tell from expirience on life servers, if there was in the old code a trigger to refresh Blood Shield short before expiring. Since blood shield has been buffed seams to be fair to consider a condition in the code - if not there before because Blood Shield was so weak.

Also, with acitvated War Mode there could be some PvP talents which could influence the priorities in PvE, too. Such as Blood for Blood, Last Dance or Death Chain.

By testing the downloaded file I find that there is -after the loss of the Consumption trait of the legion weapon- a highlighted Consumption button. Consumption in BfA is a talent in the talent tree. At current state of the talent it is not suggested to have it instead of Hemostasis - same tier.
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