Unholy DK Fixes

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I did some minor updates to the Unholy DK main.lua file:
  • Only return Soulreaper when talented for Soulreaper (fixes errors that otherwise occur)
  • Return Apocalypse when festering wounds are >= 4 instead of 6 (to match Icy Veins rotation)
  • Return Death Coil when runic power >= 80 instead of >80 (to match Icy Veins rotation)
  • Only Return Death and Decay if talented for Pestilence (to match Icy Veins rotation)
  • Only return Scourge Strike / Clawing Shadows if Apocalypse is not available (otherwise, you never reach the 4 Festering Wounds required for Apocalypse
Code: Select all
function DeathKnight:Unholy(timeShift, currentSpell, gcd, talents)
	local runic = UnitPower('player', Enum.PowerType.RunicPower);
	local runicMax = UnitPowerMax('player', Enum.PowerType.RunicPower);
	local runes, runeCd = DeathKnight:Runes(timeShift);

	--Get wounds on target.
	local festering, festeringCharges, festeringCd = MaxDps:TargetAura(_FesteringWound, timeShift);

	local scourgeStrike = (talents[_ClawingShadows] and _ClawingShadows) or _ScourgeStrike;
	local deathanddecay = (talents[_Defile] and _Defile) or _DeathandDecay;

	MaxDps:GlowCooldown(_ArmyoftheDead, MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_ArmyoftheDead, timeShift) and runes >= 3);
	if talents[_UnholyFrenzy] then
		MaxDps:GlowCooldown(_UnholyFrenzy, MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_UnholyFrenzy, timeShift));

	if not UnitExists('pet') and MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_RaiseDead, timeShift) then
		return _RaiseDead;

	if not MaxDps:TargetAura(_VirulentPlague, timeShift + 1.5) and runes >= 1 then
		return _Outbreak;

	if talents[_SoulReaper] and runes < 2 and MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_SoulReaper, timeShift) then
		return _SoulReaper;

	if MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_DarkTransformation, timeShift) then
		return _DarkTransformation;

	if MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_Apocalypse, timeShift) and festeringCharges >= 4 then
		return _Apocalypse;

	if runic >= 80 or MaxDps:Aura(_SuddenDoom, timeShift) then
		return _DeathCoil;

	if talents[_Pestilence] and MaxDps:SpellAvailable(deathanddecay, timeShift) and runes >= 1 then
		return deathanddecay;

	if festeringCharges >= 1 and runes >= 1 and not MaxDps:SpellAvailable(_Apocalypse, timeShift) then
		return scourgeStrike;

	if festeringCharges < 6 and runes >= 2 then
		return _FesteringStrike;

	return nil;
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Any chance of an update for these fixes to the latest format? Would be really helpful - especially the apocalypse one.
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Current plan is Fury warrior and then DK Unholy so well, I will be rewriting it soon
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