When I'm logged in on rogue, spec is assassination and it only loads outlaw

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I respecced to outlaw and it said it was outlaw.. I went back to assassination and it said outlaw again.

When I try to engage a practice dummy or regular target as assassination, nothing happens. It says it has autoenabled on combat, but no circles, and nothing. I had hoped maybe it was just a type and was working, but it's not working on assassination at all. I made a link to the screen clip and it's showing the class module is installed.


Thank you very much. I'm trying to learn assassination after returning to the game after many years of having played Combat (now Outlaw). Addon is updated via Curse/Twitch

Doing the same thing on druid. I'm feral and it's loading balance.
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Assasination is not supported yet. You may try one of those implementations:
https://github.com/doadin/MaxDps/blob/b ... e/main.lua
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