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Good day,

I added Trueshot to my main Rotation and I can't get it to be selected by the white circle. The green circle works via
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MaxDps:GlowCooldown(MM.Trueshot, *filter_code_here*)
but I don't want to build a workout to get it to work.

Heres my code in question (with MM.Trueshot = 288613) :
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	-- 7. Activate  Trueshot, making sure that you have at least one charge of  Aimed Shot available.
		if cooldown[MM.Trueshot].ready and cooldown[MM.AimedShot].charges >= 1 and focus >= 30 and timeToDie > cooldown[MM.Trueshot].duration + cooldown[MM.Trueshot].duration then
			return MM.TrueShot
I don't get errors and it prints MM.Trueshot when Trueshot should be used. However it does not encircle the Trueshot button with the white circle.

Am I doing something wrong here? Thank you for your response.
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