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Survival 8.0.2 Feedback

Posted: 03 Nov 2018, 15:44
by Kaminaris
Survival has been added. Rotation was converted from simcraft. Feedback in this thread

Huge Rotation issue

Posted: 04 Nov 2018, 17:33
by skyblast177
For survival Hunter it is telling me to take "Murder of Crows" as a talent but my best in slot talent hands down is 'Bloodseeker". It is also telling me to use 'Feign Death" at the beginning of the battle which in no way increases my DPS. I have no problem with my other characters and if it is a bit off no big deal but this specific addon will not allow me to not have "Mongoose Bite" which is ok because I use that talent. However, "Murder of crows" literally does less for DPS than "Bloodseeker". You are giving new players false information all around. Please right a fix so that this specific class can go through rotation without having certain talents just like every other class can.

Also "Aspect of Eagle" Does not improve DPS and should not be highlighted at all.

Re: Survival 8.0.2 Feedback

Posted: 04 Nov 2018, 23:11
by Kaminaris
What talents are you running?

Re: Survival 8.0.2 Feedback

Posted: 15 Nov 2018, 21:32
by Hawkfall
Addon seems to be working well for the standard survival build which is great for training wheels. However that being said, with the Alpha Predator build that people take when stacking 2 traits of Blur of Talons does not work correctly.

We see two types of errors, on occasion, you will see that the Spell Mongoose Bite (xxxxx) Is missing. Which, it's not. We also see another error thrown out when Coordinated Assault is used which again, says the spell is missing multiple times.


Re: Survival 8.0.2 Feedback

Posted: 16 Nov 2018, 03:05
by Kaminaris
That is another kind of error introduced in new versions.

I just pushed a fix to it.

Also show the full error and talents you use, not just spell key missing.