BM Hunter pet error

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I am a lvl 110 BM Hunter and I am getting a error that floods my chat by repeating over and over. It says "at least one basic pet ability needs to be on YOUR action bar (one of those: Smack, Claw or Bite)" then it says "read this for more info 2F6FXt". I tried googling it but got nothing and can find no way to change the pets action bar.
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You don't need to google it, you need to enter this address in browser. You also don't need to change pet action bars, you need to drag spell from pet action bar to YOUR action bar.
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Hello--I have the same question regarding the message "you need to have Bite, Scratch, Claw on your action bar. I get the message over and over. Bite is ON my action bar, and, yes, my pet has Bite.

Why am I getting this message?

Thank you.
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