MaxDps_Hunter not working in Classic version of WoW

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I'm using Classic

MaxDps - 1.13
MaxDps_Hunter - 8.2.0

On screen when entering combat:
MaxDps: Auto enable on combat!
MaxDps: Initializing rotations
MaxDps: Custom Rotations Loaded
MaxDps: Finished Loading class module
MaxDps: Failed to enable addon!

I use Twitch to install addons. Twitch only has the main module, MaxDps. The class modules don't seem to be available.

I suspect that the hunter module is for the Retail version and not the Classic version of WoW. The only modules I can find are on your website and must be installed manually. (I 'think' I installed the hunter module correctly, in the AddOns folder and not put in the MaxDps folder.)

Thanks! :-)
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MaxDps has no modules for classic, reason is simple, no test realms, no way I will level all classes to max.
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So no fix is coming and we should uninstall?
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