Spell not found on action bars: Wake of Ashes(255937)

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Firstly, love the addon. It is incredibly useful, especially for tightening your rotation.

I am receiving the above message "Spell not found on action bars: Wake of Ashes(255937)", with the next spell in the rotation not being highlighted.

Instead of Wake of Ashes I am talented into Consecration. The addon is selecting Consecration during the rotation but it still believes Wake of Ashes is an available spell.

Is this a bug in the application or is there a setting that I need to adjust?
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I am getting the same chat spam while using the addon. I love the addon and would prefer to keep it but my chat log is being filled with The "wake of ashes not found " through my chat window that it floods out any other instance/raid chat.

Please advise a way to disable chat messages.

Thank you
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