Protection/Retribution 8.0.4 Feedback

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Two rotations straight from simcraft
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I really miss the Protection Rotationhelper for MaxAggro.
Any news about this?
Do you plan that it will be a separate module or will it be part of the Paladin module?

Best regards Goz
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I use the MaxDps addon for several of my classes and it helps me a lot because I have alts of every class and I can hardly remember how to play some of them. I haven't played protection on my paladin but the MaxDps Retribution module seems very slow in comparison to my other classes. I'm often waiting for the addon to catch up to what I'm doing because it's stays on the ability that I've just barely used for a bit too long. This can be confusing when I should use an ability two times in a row, because Im waiting for it to change, because it usually takes up to a second after I use an ability to indicate the next ability to use. It's not unusable and it has taught me the correct mental algorithm for the rotation, but the queueing system itself feels clunky on this module. This is the only MaxDPS module I've used that has this problem. If it's important, I'm using the Weak Auras string for the visualization of which abilities to queue. Thanks.
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