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by Kaminaris
26 Mar 2018, 05:49
Forum: Overlay API
Topic: Overlay for LUI v3
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Ok, I see you are prepared to help with development, in few days I will send you a private message with MaxDps alpha. Would be nice if you could send me either battleTag or some other way to communicate, some kind of chat. And let me know when you have time to test it, we would need around 30 minutes.
by Kaminaris
23 Mar 2018, 04:13
Forum: Shaman
Topic: Changelog
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v7.3.5 - Enh overhaul, minor ele fixes
by Kaminaris
23 Mar 2018, 04:12
Forum: Shaman
Topic: Enhancement
Replies: 3
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Enh received a major overhaul
by Kaminaris
22 Mar 2018, 18:11
Forum: Death Knight
Topic: Deathknight Unholy custom rotation.
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Have you checked latest update?
by Kaminaris
22 Mar 2018, 07:54
Forum: Mage
Topic: Frost Spec rotation 7.3
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I am working on a revamp of Mages but can't promise Frost will be perfect. I will follow icyveins as it is the ONLY source of rotations that are understandable for me. Basically I need rotations written for robots not for humans.
by Kaminaris
22 Mar 2018, 07:53
Forum: Warrior
Topic: Fury - Original
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It doesn't really matter in which language is your client. MaxDps uses spell IDs not names.
by Kaminaris
22 Mar 2018, 07:52
Forum: Hunter
Topic: Bug Report Survival lacerate
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Sorry, survival rotation was written by theorycrafter and I do not know it's rotation. I cannot reveal who did it but it was someone from hunter discord.

Unfortunately I cannot provide support for this specialization.
by Kaminaris
22 Mar 2018, 04:41
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: I use ElvUI and can't get maxdps to work
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ElvUI is supported out of the box from the very beginning of MaxDps addon.

It means you have some addon that interferes with it. Try disabling them one by one.
by Kaminaris
18 Mar 2018, 07:50
Forum: Information
Topic: Curent Work
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DK got update in Frost and Blood spec, blood should be actually playable now
by Kaminaris
17 Mar 2018, 22:37
Forum: Questions
Topic: Protection Paladin Class
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Tanks are lowest priority, but it is not really hard to write rotation for tanks, if you check this guide:
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