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by HamOfMoose
21 Sep 2018, 05:29
Forum: Mage
Topic: Arcane Mage
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So with the clearcasting proc, @snicksnork ive noticed that if you use the War-mode talent that stacks clearcasting it doesnt seem to want to use it in the rotation, im guessing its a different spell buff id or whatever you call it.
by HamOfMoose
31 Aug 2018, 01:20
Forum: Druid
Topic: My Balance Druid custom Rotation
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I like it have been using it for a while but is there a way you could add in New moon if < 10 from max AP, Half moon if < 20 max ap, and full moon if < 40 to max AP.

Ive been running a few sims and that spell is pushing some DPS in the sim.
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